It was no ordinary piece that turned up the temperature in the auction room today. It was a genuine Oriental 46mm pearl mounted as a brooch, and once the bidding started, there was no stopping. From a starting price of SEK 100,000, the bids kept pouring until they reached of SEK 2.5 million. The final purchase price was SEK 3.062 million. Read the story in Expressen (in Swedish)

“It is highly unusual for its size, with an unusually fine lustre. It has also an interesting shape. It is fantastic to be able to be part of this. The entire world market has had its eyes on it for the past few weeks,” says Towe Norlén, jewellery specialist at Bukowskis.

Jugs, sugar bowls, candlesticks, spoons and goblets were also snatched up. The silver auction was yet another sign in a series suggesting that antique silver is undergoing its strongest renaissance since Charles XII.

One of the highlights of the day was in fact a set of hunting beakers from Charles XII’s day. Twelve gilt cups in a stackable design used to toast the first kill of the hunt. Total weight: approx. 1,530 g. Engraved with the coat-of-arms of the house of de Geer.

“They are so remarkable precisely because they are so simple. The smooth surface reveals the warrior kings’s restrained taste. Goldsmith Petter Henning has displayed a masterful sense of form and also skill in handling the properties of the material. Think if the polished sides could play back all the scenes they once reflected!” says Anna Wehtje, silver specialist at Bukowskis.

Silver, top sales
Hunting beakers with covers, 12 pieces, sold for SEK 1,700,000
Guild beaker, early 18th century, sold for SEK 226,00
Tankard, late 17th century, with filigree work, sold for SEK 214,000
Broth pan, approx. 1697, sold for SEK 159,000
Candlesticks neo-Rococo, sold for SEK 128,000

Apart from the sensational pearl brooch, other jewellery was also sold today at an auction which attested to great interest in historically unique and exotic objects. A delightful clock in the shape of a peach, with clockwork that dazzles the eye, manufactured for Chinese nobility. A true masterpiece.

Top bids, jewellery and clocks
Brooch with probably Oriental natural pearl set with rose-cut diamonds, total ca. 1.00ct. Sold for SEK 3,062,000
Ring with a 5.10ct Marquise-cut diamond, sold for SEK 2.695 million
Ilbery pocket watch, sold for SEK 857.000
Pocket watch, Breguet, sold for SEK 637.000
Earrings with drop shaped pearls, sold for SEK 428.000
Earrings with pear shaped pearls, sold for SEK 355.000
Cameo necklace, Empire, sold for SEK 232.000

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